ESG Sustainability Performance Reporting

Simplify sustainability performance tracking and measurement

Around the world, companies are increasingly expected to set ambitious sustainability targets and advance ESG goals driven by investors, stakeholders, and their communities.

Our sustainability software can empower your organization to make good on its sustainability commitments by compiling investment-grade data for easy reporting and delivering actionable insights into program performance and opportunities.

The Sustainability Reporting Solution from Benchmark ESG®

Sustainability Reporting

To meet sustainability improvement targets, ESG and sustainability leaders need to have a clear understanding of their sustainability footprint. ESG sustainability reporting software provides transparency into current data and projected trends, making it easy to identify opportunities and make progress on goals.

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An award-winning, cloud-based ESG sustainability reporting solution

Collect and monitor all site sustainability metrics in a centralized platform that enables you to compile and analyze site- and company-wide resource consumption, GHG emissions, and costs
Customize sustainability metrics for monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting
Simplify data collection with automatic data feeds from utility invoicing systems
Ensure accuracy and consistency with industry-standard emission calculations and reporting
Track and allocate Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)
Visualize and measure usage trends and progress toward goals with powerful analytics and reporting

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